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How to Use Moonlite Courier Worldwide Shipping & Forwarding Services for PetSmart Online Shopping

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PetSmart, with a history of more than 30 years serving the pet owners, is the best site to shop for pet supplies needed for your dog, cat, bird, fish or any other live pet you have. Many international pet lovers outside US also buy from PetSmart through the mail forwarding services provided by Moonlite Courier Worldwide and save more money.

As a international mail forwarder, Moonlite Courier Worldwide gives all their users a free US address. For instance, you are asked to leave a US address in order to enjoy the free shipping of PetSmart, then just use the Moonlite Courier Worldwide address for this. So you are asking PetSmart to ship your pet foods or supplies to our Moonlite Courier Worldwide warehouse. Once we have your purchases at our warehouse, we will let you know by sending you an email. Upon seeing an email from Moonlite Courier Worldwide, you have the following options to make:

  • Give us an international address and ask Moonlite Courier Worldwide to ship them out for you!
  • Wait for your other US purchases and repacl or consolidate them before submitting international shipping!
  • Ask Moonlite Courier Worldwide to keep the packages for some time and ship them when you are ready for receiving.

International shoppers PetSmart purchase and shipping is easy like this, so do not hesitate to try Moonlite Courier Worldwide forwarding services for your PetSmart shopping next time!

Know PetSmart and Why Dog or Cat Owners Prefer PetSmart for Pet Supplies

About PetSmart

Founded in 1986, PetSmart now is the top pet supplies and services provider in USA and Canada. With PetSmart, you can find all you need for any pet you have, from dog, cat to reptile. Besides the foods and toys, PetSmart also offers training, grooming, pet hotel and other services like pet hospital. It is true PetSmart can help with any kind of problem pet owners may have! They even have online pet adoption centre for pet lovers.

Why Pet Owners from and outside USA shop at PetSmart?

There are quite a numner of good reasons as to why shop PetSmart, below are the words from a cat owner.  As I am a cat owner, I will talk about why using my favorite pet store, PetSmart.

When I shop at PetSmart I am buying from an established entity that offers me competitive prices, great bundling deals, and good quality in everything I buy. PetSmart has existed for over thirty years and will stand by their products in a way some of the random salesman on the internet will not.

As someone who often travel all over the world, with my cat in tow, I've found myself repeatedly coming back and order from PetSmart even when I'm not in the country. For me it just makes sense to give my business to a company that I know will treat me right, even if they aren't in the same country as I am. As to international shipping, I always rely on Moonlite Courier Worldwide and let them to my address with discounted shipping rates. Some things in life lend themselves to risk: the stock market and falling in love, for example. For my pets life I just want a good deal. That's why I shop PetSmart.

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