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Introductiom to JCPenney and why international customers prefer JCPenney for online shopping

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About JCPenney

JCPenney got its name from the founder James Cash Penney, and today JCPenney is America's top apparel and home furnishing retailer with more than 1100 department stores from all the states of USA. JCPenney is Americans' preferred destination of online shopping for clothing and home uses. In 1998, JCPenney launched its internet store and now it is becoming a shopping desitination for both American residents and international customers.

Why international customers shop at JCPenney?

JCPenney's all in one stop shopping makes it a perfect choice for everything one need and look for. Don't go to many different stores for what you need, just go to JCPenney to get everything in one place. By so doing, you will not only save your time but also your shipping costs.

Everything one would need for their home or their closet is all available in one convenient shop, and that is the JCPenney. Dress up the bath, get some soft, fluffy towels, or a sweet pair of slippers for him, her or one of the children, JCPenney is the right place to go. Toys are also available at JCPenney site, either you need them for the little babies or advanced toys for the more mature members of the family, just check at JCPenney.

Electronics can also be found with JCPenney, TVs, washers, dryers, and even a new microwave. Dress up the dinner table with beautiful new silverware or plates, or simply refresh tea time with a charming tea set or beautiful embellishments for the table. Throw rugs and pillows can be found in their housewares, as those special items can pamper yourself or four footed friends on a budget.  Quality products that offer durability and beauty are the reason why JCP is the best choice for both domestic and international shoppers.

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For international customers, shopping at JCPenney is not convenient since they do not support delivery outside USA. But you can consider using Moonlite Courier Worldwide package forwarding service for your shopping and shipping needs of JCPenney!

If the consumer is looking for quality and cost effectiveness, try Moonlite Courier Worldwide. Moonlite Courier Worldwide handles all their packages with care and can even do bulk shipping for larger orders. Simply register with us and you will have the US shipping address to use at JCP. Once your JCP orders arrive at Moonlite Courier Worldwide, you can either let us ship your orders internationally or repack/consolidate your packages, which will lower your shipping fees.

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