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Why International Customers Buy Cosmetics Online from Hourglass?

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Hourglass is a fairly upscale beauty company that sells cosmetics from lipstick to mascara in a price range from about $15-$80. They trade very heavily with the foundation, Sephora, which sells for many other brands, including Estee Lauder and Hello Kitty. What makes Hourglass stand out from their competition is their openness in using ingredients that have been found by scientific experiments to enhance the skin’s appearance. Hourglass USA online shopping is available directly through the Hourglass website, all you need to do is register.

There are 5 shipping options for Hourglass USA customers: standard free shipping available if the total cost runs at $50 or above; if your order is under 50$, then it costs $7.95 for standard shipping; if you need expedited shipping, it will cost more, the sooner the more expensive.

Unfortunately, Hourglass official site does not have international shipping currently available for international customers from outside USA. That is where Moonlite Courier Worldwide mail forwarding service and international shipping come in to help customers from all over the world who want to buy cosmetics from Hourglass.

How Moonlite Courier Worldwide Package Forwarding Service & International Shipping Works for Hourglass USA Online Shopping?

In order to use Moonlite Courier Worldwide services, you must first be registered with us to get a US shipping address. You can then continue your online shopping at Hourglass as you please. After your ordering at Hourglass, we will send you a notification of when your package arrives at our warehouse. That is your cue to submit a delivery form and pay the shipping fee. When your package arrives, all you need to do is sign the receipt.

The good news is that you can obtain your mail forwarding service for Hourglass directly from our website simply by clicking on the “Top Stores” tab, find the “Hourglass” boxed cell on the page and when the blue “Shop Now” tab flashes on it, just click it and it will take you directly to Hourglass site. When you have placed your order, all you need to do is wait for the arrival notification at our warehouse and proceed from there.

International shipping for Hourglass is just one of the many services Moonlite Courier Worldwide provides. We understand all too well the frustration when no international shipping available, thus we offer the following services for free for global customers:

  • Repacking services at zero charges;
  • Consolidation services for free to help you save more;
  • Free concierge service;
  • Free storage at Moonlite Courier Worldwide warehouse;

It is without any doubt that Moonlite Courier Worldwide will make your online shopping at USA Hourglass convenient and easy. Find out the shipping rate from USA to your country via Moonlite Courier Worldwide with the shipping cost calculator!

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