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Today's Groupon is not only the best site to find "group coupons" available for USA online shopping sites, but also a great place to find deals in your local area! Groupon now has more than 35 million registered users from all over the world. However, Groupon only has such great deals and clearances for quite a limited number of countries, like Groupon USA, Groupon UK, Groupon India, Groupon Singapore and Groupon Hong Kong. More and more international customers would like to take advantage of Groupon's unbeatable deals that you can find nowhere else! But how when these deals are only available for a local area?

The answer lies in the affordable and considerate shipping & package forwarding services provided by Moonlite Courier Worldwide! Moonlite Courier Worldwide is a USA based company providing US shopping services and mail forwarding services for international buyers who would like to avail themselves of the great deals from USA sites. Below are the details on how Moonlite Courier Worldwide helps you to buy from USA Groupon and ship to your country!

  1. First, Moonlite Courier Worldwide provides each registered users with a unique and free US address.
  2. Use this address to buy from Groupon Clearance & sites that accept Groupon coupons!
  3. When your purchases arrive at Moonlite Courier Worldwide, you will be informed by email!
  4. You can either request for immediate shipping or wait for other packges and then repack or consoliate all packages before final shipping!

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Where to find great deals or coupons on Groupon?

Actually there are mainly channles that international customers can take advantage of! First is the Groupon Clearance, and second one is Groupon Freebies. With clearance, you can find goods available at unbeatable prices, and there are clothing, gadgets and a lot of useful but cheap items. You can also change the location to find more items! As to the Groupon Freebies, you can get a lot of coupons for different famous USA online shopping sites, such as Sephora, BestBuy,Victoria's Secret and a lot more! With such coupons, you can get a certain amount deducted from your order or get free shipping within USA.

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