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About DrJays and Why Customers Worldwide Buy Urban Clothing from DrJays

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DrJays offers the latest urban fashion styles for men, women and children. DrJays first opened in South Bronx in 1975 as an urban fashion store focused on the fast changing hip-hop influenced fashion scene, and quickly grew into a 19 store legend serving the New York metro area. In an effort to expand the companies reach and offer their styles nation wide, they began the DrJays USA online shopping site in 2000. Customers worldwide can now shop the over 20,000 styles offered by DrJays from several brands including LRG, Under Armour, Adidas, Reebok, and Rocawear to name a few. 

For the above stated reason, not only customers from USA prefer DrJays for their clothing needs, but also international customers all around the globe would like to try the fashion provided by DrJays. Today’s DrJays is available to international customers because they do offer international shipping but just too high to afford and only a few countries are in their list.

A better solution for international customers’ shopping needs at DrJays is choosing Moonlite Courier Worldwide mail forwarding service to assist! Moonlite Courier Worldwide offers heavily discounted international shipping rate and cheap mail forwarding service, which makes your DrJays international shopping and shipping affordable and convenient! DrJays, top retailer of urban fashion and performance apparel, is now really available to customers worldwide. 

How to use mail forwarding service for your international shopping at DrJays?

With Moonlite Courier Worldwide, online shopping at DrJays USA takes only a few easy steps. Simply register on the Moonlite Courier Worldwide website to receive your free US mailing address and start shopping the DrJays USA site online. Ship your package to Moonlite Courier Worldwide through your given address, and when your package arrives at Moonlite Courier Worldwide warehouse we will notify you and you can then submit your delivery request for international shipping for your DrJays package and pay the 50% off international shipping fee. We will then provide you with a tracking number and ship your package worldwide according to your request.

Moonlite Courier Worldwide provides consumers worldwide with the opportunity to shop DrJays with cheap international shipping! There are no hidden fees, we offer online customer support, free repacking & consolidation service and your package can be stored at Moonlite Courier Worldwide warehouse until you request us to ship it. International shipping & mail forwarding service for DrJays couldn't be easier and cheaper!

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