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Largest membership warehouse club in US

Costco Wholesale is the second largest retailer in US with the annual net sales of 102.8 billion, and it is the number 1 membership warehouse club in USA. That means Costco products are only available to their members. The membership is purchased in order to buy cheap products from Costco and this membership may cost 50 to 60 USD. However, all the Costco members think their membership is worth the cost, since they have chances to much cheaper products and actually save by so doing.

Sell products at lowest price possible

Costco tries their best to offer products at lowest possible prices for members. They get products from manufacture at very high volume and asks for lowest prices from the sellers. Then Costco resells these products to their members by adding quite a limited profits. This is why Costco members think they are enjoying the lowest price that any other retailer cannot offer! Costco's promise to their members is "Keep the costs down and pass the savings on to members".

Quite a good  number of products available

Costco has tremendous buying power, thus almost all manufacturers would like to cooperate with Costco. Thus Costco's suppliers are from all fields, and you can find electronics, computers, clothing, jewelry and all you need for your daily life. Some of them are brand-name merchadise while others come under its brand of Kirkland Signature! In one world,l Costco has all for everyone.

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