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The official US online Apple Store gives shoppers an inside look at the latest and greatest advancements in the world of Apple computers and accessories. Shoppers can create a personal account; receive offers and sophisticated ideas for this year's gift-giving season. Many items featured on the Apple online store catalogs are not available at retail locations. Online Apple shoppers had greater opportunities find what they are looking for. Along the way, shoppers can connect with Apple's world class support team if they need assistance navigating the online store.

The best reason anyone with access to Apple's online store is the convenience and ease of activating, and purchasing items through a unique and secure account. Apple accepts credit and debit cards, wire transfers, international gift cards, cashier's checks and money orders. Once the payment information is verified, the online store will ship to almost any single address in the world.

Initiating an online store account will also give shoppers a personal Apple ID. The Apple ID allows access to a host of online Apple resources like the iTunes and App Stores, iOS and OSX applications, and automatic registry at any Apple retail store Genius Bar. No matter where you are in the world, Apple makes gift giving a pleasure!

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