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FedEx Corporation is a US multinational courier supply companies firm headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee The title "FedEx" is a syllabic abbreviation of the title of the company's unique air division, Federal Express, which was used from 1973 until 2000. The corporate is known for its overnight shipping service, but also for pioneering a system that might track packages and supply actual-time updates on package deal location (to help in discovering misplaced packages), a function that has now been implemented by most different provider services.

Gerneral Information:

1. Speed: Fast. Most in 3-7 days.

2. Price: Medium. With good rate higher than 150 lb.

3. Custom Clearance: Medium. Good in American and South Asia.

4. Tracking Serivces: Good. Usually no delays.

5. Customer Services: Medium. Processing time within 7 days.

Special Notices:

1. Fedex goods are divided into general cargo and foreign brand-name goods, general cargo is origin of ordinary brand goods ,general cargo international freight generally higher than the international brand-name goods international express freight cheaper. In addition, the general cargo by foreign customs inspection tariffs than the probability of foreign brand-name goods have been checked the chance of much smaller.

2. Fedex have their own advantages, and some are sent to Western Europe, the price advantage, and some sent to Eastern Europe, the price advantage, and some sent to Africa, the price advantage, some clearance advantage, some speed Guarantee. Before sending, it is best to find out clearly.

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